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March 2016
Published on March 20, 2016

See the results from this year Savile please click on the link below       Farmlands Savile Results 2016

Published on March 19, 2016

Sunday polo at nga rakau 1.00pm 2.00pm

NZ polo Handicap changes 2016

Published on March 18, 2016

games at Kihikihi   1.00 pm 4 chukkas   JP Clarkin                         Andrew Parrott Paul Hunt                         Allan Brown Stephen Kay                    Barrat Watson Michael Kay                    Lochie Watson 2.00pm  5 chukkas Missy Brown                 Paul  Kay Zane Brown                    Cam Gensik Bruce Watson                 Ed Kay Liz Marsom                    Brett O’Çallaghan/ Kelsey Kellops Miranda Romijn           Liz/Lily 5 chukka game 1 player from each

Published on March 7, 2016

Mackenzie 16 R&L 16 Savile 16 Schedule Savile 16 Wilson 16