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This week’s play
Published on February 4, 2018

polo 10 2018 draft 2

Grounds to Be advised but will be in Kihikihi 1.00pm  Umpire Michael Kay round robin 2 chukkas Kihikihi VS Mystery Creek Kihikihi VS Cambridge Cambridge vs Mystery Creek Kihikihi                           Cambridge                       Mystery Creek Travis

Happy New Year to you all Here is the draw for the Waikato Open If the rain continues today Friday we may postpone Play to Sunday/Monday for those who can, please let your selector know Domain 11.00am 4 Chukkas     Umpires Mike Kay /Dean Fullerton Kihikihi vs Cambridge White Kihikihi Vs Waimai Gold Cambridge White Vs

Published on December 28, 2017

Domain  11.00 am Morningstar vs Kihikihi B  Umpire Nick Keyte 12.30 pm Waimai A vs Kihikihi A Umpire Andrew Parrott 2.00 pm Waimai B vs Kihikihi C Umpire Andre Parrott Nga Rakau 11.30 pm Kids Chukkas 1.30 pm Kirkpatrick Cup Cambridge C vs Brinks Umpires Barrett Watson/Michael Kay 3.00 pm Skene Cup Cambridge A vs

Kids Polo 10.30 on the Nga Rakau Ground Everyone plays 6 chukkas 12.00 pm Domain  Cambridge A vs Kihikihi A vs Morning star Cambridge A vs Kihikihi A                 Umpire Kit Brooks Cambridge A vs Morningstar                           

Published on December 22, 2017

Domain 10.00 am Kids polo 4 chukkas 11.00 am 4 chukkas umpire Mike Kay Brett OÇallaghan 1            Richard Seaville  1 Chloe Kay 0                        Ben Broughton 0 Cam Genski -1                   Shaun Kellow

Domain Friday 12.00pm 4 chukkas Umpire Mike Kay Kalem Watson -1                 John -1 Travis Auburn 0                  Memo 0 Issy                   -2                 Estee Brown -2 Amanda   

Published on March 4, 2017

NPA Draw 17 Sunday

Published on March 2, 2017

NPA Draw 17  

Published on February 11, 2017

Nicholson Glenn 0 Goal 10.30 am Round Robin Umpire Barrett Watson 10.30 am Waimai vs Poverty Bay 11.00 am Allhashim Polo vs Poverty Bay 11.30 am Waimai vs Allashim Polo   Domain 4 Goal 10.30 am Round Robin   Umpire Henry Jones Waimai vs Auckland Auckland vs Strathallen Waimai vs Strathallen 10 Goal 12.00 pm