At Kihikihi Polo Club we encourage everyone to be the best they can.
To excel is a quality that is admired, respected and treasured.

With the assistance of the country’s top grounds and some of the top breeds of horses, all a player needs is the passion and desire to play the game and the self discipline and control to gain the knowledge and the skills requred.
Encouragement comes from the clubs spirit and attitude. Positive breeds positive.

The club run practise afternoons every Wednesday (Chukkas) and welcome everyone to join them. They also have a youth/kids coaching program to inspire and motivate young riders. Stick and ball co-ordination is a great skill to possess at an early age.

The club endeavor to play as club teams in as many tournaments as possible over the season.
It is said that for one to succeed you should set goals and aspirations.
The club play host to the annual International Test Match which is the “showcase” of top polo on the New Zealand calender. New Zealand are generally asked to field the best four players they can and as a spectacle it is both exciting and exhilerating to watch. To whitness such a display of “excellence” right on your doorstep is all the incentive our club players need to build their determination to succeed at the pinnacle of club tournaments each year, The Savile Tournament.

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