The Kihikihi Polo Family

Kihikihi Polo Club holds Traditional Family Values –
The club has an historical generation of polo culture and social values dating back to 1892.
The Kay family in particular has been associated with the club since its formation.
Andrew Kay, a founder member, had a family of 16 – 10 boys and 6 girls.
Eight of the sons played but the whole family participated.


Nowadays, the game is not just popular amongst privilaged men, but also woman. In 1997 the International Woman Polo Association was founded in England and now has 33 offices in different countries. Polo is also perfectly suited for children, improving their coordination, endurance, reactions and comraderie.
Polo has now therefore become a sport for the whole family.
Husbands, wives and the kids can now all club together to make up a team and be a force to be reckoned with!
Contact the club if this sounds like something for your family.

Everyone is welcome as polo family members at the club.