Copy of WalkerDraw

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached the draw for the Walker Memorial Tournament this weekend 16th January. Please check which field you will be playing on as well as any duties which have been assigned. If you cannot carry out your duties for whatever reason, it is YOUR responsibility to find a suitable replacement. We are playing on two grounds, Cambridge and Kiapaki so please note which field you are required on, and we thank for for your co-operation moving between fields.

Please ensure that you are prompt for all the start times, all games will start at their assigned times, so please make sure you are on the field and the right field as well!

If you have any young players who would like to take part in the Kids Chukkas at lunchtime, please register their name at the commentators box, so that numbers and teams can be organised early. These will be played on the Cambridge ground at 12pm.

Yummy Food and Refreshments will be available on the day, but please pick up all your rubbish and litter and take it with you!

Cookie Mooney will be collecting all entry fees that have not yet been paid, so please ensure that you have either cheques (made out to Taupiri Polo Club) or cash for her.

We look forward to seeing you all on the weekend for a great tournament!

Any questions or changes please let us know!